Storyteller For Success

by Erik K. Johnson

As you create your podcast, become a great storyteller.  Great storytellers create fans.

Interest in your story never remains constant.  Your information can only become entertainment when interest is rising.  If interest is falling, the show is becoming boring and is no longer entertainment.  A great story continues to develop the plot and raise the interest.

Have you ever sat through a long, monotonous story that never seems to end?  You stare and wonder if the speaker actually has a point to this monologue.  You pray for your cell phone to ring and save you.  That scenario is exactly what you want to avoid.  Practice becoming a great storyteller.

Stories help define your character and personality.  You should always be yourself.  It is difficult to play a character consistently and tell great stories.  Your true feelings and identity will always be revealed in the stories you tell.  If you are successful hiding your true self, you simply are not telling great stories.  Vivid details and interesting points that stir emotions in your listeners can only come from your true feelings. Reveal your true character.  Storytellers create raving fans.