by Erik K. Johnson

Podcast about your passion.

I know that sounds like logical, common sense.  I know you probably think only a crazy person would ever put the time and effort into a podcast on a topic about which they do not care.  It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Podcasters and broadcasters alike will often discuss topics they think interests their audience.  These may be topics in which the podcaster may have a slight interest, but not a passion.  They tell themselves, “I must discuss this.  It is what the audience expects.”

It creates a problem when you are only generally interested in a topic and  you’re only discussing it because you think the audience will be interested.  As you discuss, you will sound generally interested.  It is tough to fake interest for any length of time.  Your listeners will notice.  When you aren’t interested, they aren’t interested.

Find that topic that stirs your passion.  When you are passionate, your audience will hear your enthusiasm come through the speakers.  Your enthusiasm will be contagious.  Your passion will stir their interest.

I’m sure you’ve seen a professor who had the ability to make a dry subject interesting.  Maybe it was your trigonometry teacher.  They were passionate about the subject and created an interest with you.  There may not have been a passion in  you for trig.  But, there was some interest.

Interest works from speaker to audience.  It won’t work from audience to speaker.  For true audience engagement, podcast about your passion.