Be On The Same Level …

by Erik K. Johnson

Always be on the same level as your audience.

(photo by Hornpipe)

When you’re creating a relationship with someone, you never want to act as if you are better or above the other person. Even if your position allows you opportunities that your counterpart may not receive, you must be humble about those experiences. People like other people who are similar to themselves.

Because I am on the radio, I am incredibly fortunate to get the incredible opportunity to meet many musicians. I am very lucky.  If I were to brag about these fantastic experiences, I would appear arrogant. It would sound as if I believe I am better than you. I would not be very likeable.

Maintain your humility during your podcast. Keep yourself on the same level as your audience. If you have an opportunity to interview someone famous, be as honored and excited as your listener would be.

You are building a relationship with your listener. Be likeable. Be on the same level as your audience.